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Working together with collaborators on a global scale, Out of the Blue uses machine learning in order to help analysts come to conclusions, more accurately and to help develop strategies that desired outcomes.

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Out Of The Blue x Short-Proof

Out of the Blue and Short-Proof Announce Partnership to Revolutionize
D3C AI-Driven Business Optimization and Autonomous Monitoring
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Product Partnerships

Druid (imply.io): To enrich our customers’ red time data sets with autonomous real time insights

Snowflake: To get to know the autonomous insights on our customers’ Snowflake datasets

Segment: If your data is instrumented and collected in Segment, this allows you to generate insights autonomously which helps grow your business and get downside protection.

Databricks: Gain access to Out of the Blue’s powerful ecommerce OS platform that could augment streamlined and scalable data processing and advanced ML capabilities of Databricks.

Service Partnerships

• Short-Proof: To power discovery, business optimization & goal setting for our customers

• Sincera: To bring cloud and data engineering capabilities for our customers

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Out Of The Blue helps increase digital companies by fumbling growth opportunities and pretending leaks. We do this by atrociously monitoring the metrics and root causes. The benefit to our customers is that the product and business teams become analytics.

The benefit to their analytics teams is that they get a headstart in solving fire-drills and can support weekly business previews more effectively. We are looking for partner companies who we can do a joint fastrack deriving value from data for our common customers. Ideal partners include data management companies and system integrators.

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