Better, Faster &
Smarter Decisions!

Out Of The Blue eliminates guesswork, helping you make precise decisions, understand your customers deeply, and drive scalable profitability.

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The eCommerce Revenue OS trusted by the world’s best companies.

Continuous Comprehensive
Monitoring and Detection

In today’s digital hustle, every second counts. Our AI-driven platform comprehensively watches over your metrics 24/7, alerting you to time-critical metric shifts in real-time. 

No more surprises – just instant insights for unstoppable growth & preventing revenue leakages.

Automatic RCAs
and Causal Inference

Know the ‘why’ behind your numbers. Out Of The Blue doesn’t just detect issues; it uncovers their root causes. Our platform performs Automatic Root Cause Analyses (RCAs) and unveils what’s driving metric changes. 

Make sharp decisions, kick out guesswork and put a stop to never-ending fire drills.

Impact Calculation
& Prioritization

Numbers alone don’t tell your business’s full story. Out Of The Blue not only translates how metric changes affect your top line and bottom line- it prioritizes insights, so you can focus on what matters most.

With us, you’re not just informed; you’re empowered to act strategically.

Notifications & Delivery

Count on us to notify you about the changes that matter most to you, tailored to your preferred method of delivery. Say goodbye to being in the dark, where issues reach you through customers or partners.

No more waiting three days for answers to basic metric queries and getting lost in complex dashboards!

No-code, Zero-setup

Just connect Out Of The Blue to your data platforms like Segment, implement our SDK or use our other integrations and watch as your data starts flowing from your source to the Out Of The Blue platform.

No hassle, no complex setups – just a few clicks and you’re all set! 

eCommerce companies are using
Out Of The Blue to drive impact.


Revenue by fixing revenue leakages &
doubling down on opportunities


Faster by detecting in minutes,
not days and weeks


Cost by replacing dashboards, products
and manual last mile analytics

"Out Of The Blue helps us identify issues as they happen in real-time.
We do not get lots of false positive alerts, reducing unnecessary alert noise!"

Mahesh PasupuletiVP Data & ML Infra @ Poshmark

Before Out of the Blue, our internal analytics team used to spend an inordinate amount of time investigating and diagnosing revenue-impacting problems that we encountered. Out of the Blue system got straight to the root cause."

Rohan ChandranCPO @ Data-Axle

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