Revenue Capture

Stop leaving
money on the table!

Most eCommerce brands leak ~14% revenue.
We work 24/7 to detect revenue-impacting events and let you know as they happen!

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Monitor 3rd party systems in real time

Order systems, login authentication and payment systems are critical for your customers. Get to know headwinds and plan around them to ensure a seamless path to revenue generation without any disruptions.

Realize value for your marketing spends

We monitor your marketing signal systems into your ad providers to ensure that you realize value for your ad spends. Your marketing strategies stay effective, ensuring revenue potential is fully utilised.

Make the most of your ad spend!

Understand the business impact of a release or algorithm tweak

Understanding the business impact of a new release or algorithm on user experience is crucial. Our proactive approach ensures quick detection and immediate action to fix any negative impact, without burdening your analysts with additional bandwidth.

Identify revenue-impacting experiences

Knowing how users struggle to buy across devices, browsers, and channels is crucial. Our system zooms in and instantly spot revenue-leakage events that might hinder sales or engagement within specific segments.

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