Stop leaving money on the table!

Most eCommerce brands leak ~14% revenue.

Leverage AI to detect revenue-impacting events 24/7 and get alerted as they happen!

Out Of The Blue - Drive decisions and growth through data | Product Hunt

Revenue optimization platform trusted by the world’s best eCommerce companies

In eCommerce companies, there is simply
too much fast-moving data across tools to detect revenue leaks in time

Connecting and monitoring all your 15+ marketing SaaS tools is tough, and centralizing monitoring is even more challenging.

Detecting infrastructure outages that have a material revenue impact iin each SaaS platform is a manual task and most teams are staffed right.

It can take weeks or month to detect a non-working browser or app experience – and even longer to detect the underlying drivers.

Act on revenue-impacting infrastructure issues in real time!

Outages and errors in marketing automation tools, ad providers, and payment systems are headwinds to revenue capture. Identify in minutes what took you days and address issues to ensure a seamless path to revenue generation.

Fix a broken release before it impacts revenue!

Understanding the business impact of a new release or algorithm on user experience is crucial. Our proactive approach ensures quick detection and immediate action to fix any negative impact, without burdening your analysts with additional bandwidth.

Identify user engagement and navigation issues by browser & app version

Knowing how users struggle to buy across devices, browsers, and channels is crucial. Our system zoom ins and instantly spot revenue-leakage events that might hinder sales or engagement within specific segments.

Realize Value for
your Marketing Spend

We monitor your marketing signal systems into your ad providers to ensure you realize value for your ad spends.

eCommerce companies are using
"Out Of The Blue" to drive impact.

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Increment in Revenue by fixing revenue leakages & doubling down on opportunities

Faster by detecting in minutes,
not days and weeks

reduction in Cost by replacing dashboards, products and manual last mile analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Out Of The Blue is an AI-powered revenue-optimization platform for eCommerce brands to drive top-line revenue growth and drive down costs.

Most e-commerce stores are up and running with Out Of The Blue in one day, with no engineer required. Follow our simple step-by-step process and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support with any questions.


All pricing options are based on your e-commerce store’s annual revenue and the type and volume of metrics you want to track.

We provide support for most of the major data sources – across marketing, sales, and analytics. Here are a few examples:

  • E-commerce: Shopify, Shopify+
  • Data: BigQuery, Redshift
  • Marketing Signals: Klaviyo
  • CDPs: Blotout
  • Ads: Google, Facebook, Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok
  • Analytics: GA4

Additional connectors can be added within a week on request!

Step into the future of e-commerce.

Learn how we can help your brand drive top-line revenue growth and fix. revenue leakage

Problem we solve

For Analytics Teams

For Growth Teams

How It Works

Out Of The Blue - Drive decisions and growth through data | Product Hunt
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