Capture revenue that you are losing due to store issues!

Your store experiences breaks!

We monitor your technology stack 24x7 and
alert you on critical breaks/signal losses as they happen.

The eCommerce revenue-optimization platform trusted by the world’s best companies

Detect Issues With Shopify & Apps That Power Your Online Store

Not all issues affect your customers equally. Outages, signal loss, and errors in your marketing tools, ad services, and payment systems can block revenue. Find and fix these problems in minutes to keep your sales on track.

"Out of the Blue detected a signal loss issue between Meta Ads and our CDP in minutes, preventing our CAC's to shoot through the roof saving us thousands"

-VP Growth, Growth oriented Jewelry Brand

Monitor System

Spot User Engagement Issues Before Your Customers Do

Quickly pinpoint where users are having a break in their user experience, whether on apps or browsers, to boost conversion rates, saving you weeks of troubleshooting.

"Out of the Blue detected a broken add to cart on mobile! Wouldn't have known about it without an Out of the Blue alert saving us lots of dollars in lost revenue"

-CEO, growing eCommerce Furniture Brand

Prevent Revenue Loss from Broken Product Releases

Catch issues from new releases or changes before they harm revenue. Switching to proactive, AI-driven monitoring helps you detect and fix problems faster, without overloading your team. What used to take weeks, now takes days.

“Out of the Blue detected an issue with our orders feature update in minutes”

-CTO, Poshmark

Understand business impact
Identify revenue Impact

Enhance Your ROAS

Advertising and Re-marketing systems are vital to get traffic volume into your website. Any breaks in these systems can have a big impact on in-bound traffic and thereby revenue.
We monitor your marketing signal systems into your ad providers to ensure you realize value for your ad spends.

Make the most of your ad spend!

eCommerce companies are using "Out Of The Blue" to drive impact.

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Increment in Revenue by fixing revenue leakages & doubling down on opportunities

Faster by detecting in minutes,
not days and weeks

Reduction in Cost by replacing dashboards, products and manual last mile analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Out Of The Blue is an AI-powered revenue-optimization platform for eCommerce brands to drive top-line revenue growth and drive down costs.

Most e-commerce stores are up and running with Out Of The Blue in one day, with no engineer required. Follow our simple step-by-step process and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support with any questions.


All pricing options are based on your e-commerce store’s annual revenue and the type and volume of metrics you want to track.

We provide support for most of the major data sources – across marketing, sales, and analytics. Here are a few examples:

  • E-commerce: Shopify, Shopify+
  • Data: BigQuery, Redshift
  • Marketing Signals: Klaviyo
  • CDPs: Blotout
  • Ads: Google, Facebook, Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok
  • Analytics: GA4

Additional connectors can be added within a week on request!

Step into the future of eCommerce.

Learn how we can help your brand drive top-line revenue growth and fix revenue leakage

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