For Analytics Teams

Even data analysts need data analysts

Out Of The Blue is your AI analyst-in-a-box that automates your grunt work and surfaces the most relevant insights, so you help your team focus on what’s important—rather than what’s urgent.

Revenue-optimization platform trusted by the world’s best eCommerce companies

Get real-time insights sent
to you as they happen

If there’s orders driven by PDP views, the Out Of The Blue will suffice to say it in a “story” and tell you the what, where, and why — so you can revert revenue leakage as it starts to happen.

Get Started in 1 Day

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred e-commerce & marketing platforms including: Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, TikTok, Klayvio, and more and start consuming insights in a day.

When something breaks, we’ll tell you why

Zoom into the root cause within minutes of impact. Get pre-analyzed RCAs and drill down with causal drivers when something goes down.

See everything important that happened last week on one screen

Become the hero of your WBR — get a weekly digest with the most important metric changes from the previous week prioritized by their business impact.

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