May 2024 Release Announcement

May 2024 Release Announcement

New Features for Out Of The Blue™

Hello and thanks for tuning into this month’s Out Of The Blue (OTB) release announcement. Read on to learn about the new features, functionality, and enhancements. Customers can get more details by logging into their portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

Release name: OTB May 2024 Release

Applicable Products and Availability Status:


Available now for all active customers and end-users.

✓ Production

✓ Proof-of-concept

✓ Demonstration

Out Of The Blue™ releases additional features to grow your business, and other improvements

This release includes the following new features, functionality, and benefits:


1. Event Details: This feature gives users a closer look at third-party events that could be affecting their business performance metrics. It explains what these events mean and what actions they could trigger in response. Users will also get access to detailed logs that show exactly what happened. With this information, users can better understand how outside events impact their business and take appropriate action to address any issues or opportunities.

This feature also enables user to perform additional actions with respect to specific events in terms of sharing individual links to events, improved notifications to specific events as well as accessing events directly

2. API Key Generation: This feature allows users to generate API keys. API keys are unique identifiers that are used to authenticate requests made to an API. They act as credentials that allow the API to identify and validate the client making the request. 

It’s important to note that API keys should be treated as sensitive information and kept secure, as they grant access to the platform’s resources. Best practices include:

  • Never sharing API keys publicly or committing them to version control systems.
  • API keys are viewable only once (i.e. during generation). Care needs to be taken to ensure that these keys are handled securely
Api generation key


1. Events Summary: The Digest feature, which serves as the landing page for users when they log into the Out of the Blue (OTB) dashboard, has been enhanced to display a summary of the top 3 events that have occurred over the necessary timeframe (weekly or monthly), based on their impact and frequency. This enhancement can provide users with an immediate overview of the most significant occurrences within the specified period, ensuring they stay informed and up-to-date once they access the dashboard.

2. Time-series view of specific dimensions: The Metric Details page enables the user to perform a deeper analysis of their metrics. This page has been enhanced to analyze the metrics on specific dimension breakups to understand how these metrics are impacted at a dimension level. This enhancement enables users to isolate specific dimensions and understand the behavior over a specified time duration.

3. RCA Drill Down: The RCA charts provide drill-down functionality so that users can traverse the dimension hierarchy to understand how the child dimensions have contributed to the overall metric movement. Earlier, this functionality was only available for the top-most contributing dimension value. Now, these charts have been enhanced to show the drill-down capability across all dimensions for particular insights so that users can understand how all dimensions (parent & child) are contributing to the movement of a metric

4. Simplified On-boarding: The OTB platform has been enhanced to perform empirical comparison of the metrics. This enhancement has removed the dependency on tuning the metric configurations to ensure forecasts are getting generated correctly. As part of this enhancement, we have updated the Digest & Metric Detail screens to ensure that the onboarding process for tenants can be expedited.


1. RCA fixes for segmented analysis: Hotspot analysis has been enhanced to ensure that segmented analysis of specific metrics, is showing the relevant dimensions and their contributions according to the dimension hierarchy.

Actions to Take:

The Business Intelligence Feed will automatically present the new information; you only need to refresh your browser window or tab to access the new features.

If you are not a customer and would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Business Analytics experts. A brief demonstration is all it takes to experience firsthand how Out Of The Blue’s Perceive automatically tells you about problems, opportunities, or that everything is OK.

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