Companies today typically have more data than they know what to do with. Making sense of their data using slice and dice dashboards delays time to insights and hence, time to action.  

Out of the Blue’s (OTB’s)  autonomous AI-driven Digital Intelligence platform reliably addresses the last mile in analytics: taking your data from insight to action. We do the heavy lifting of identifying and highlighting changes in your metrics. Once identified, we create easy-to-consume data stories and deliver them to you as a part of your daily workflow, so you can take corrective action in time. We enable collaboration and allow for contextual correlations to catch, understand, and address future incidents sooner.

Refocus your teams to act on the insights that are most important.
Deep dive instantly to identify root causes.
Real-time alerts that empower you.
Drive growth through data, with predictive and corrective analytics.
Eliminate dashboards.  

For Product Managers:

Focus on what matters. Empower yourself to transform your business. Monitoring metrics at scale through several dimensions should give you the insights to act on.

Don’t let volatile market fluctuations affect your KPIs. Prioritized insights at your fingertips enable you to be proactive rather than reactive. Tune out the noise and tune in to customer-centric improvements. Don’t get lost in legacy dashboards. Out of the Blue’s simple UI ensures you have the right information to take decisive actions faster.

Become a strategic leader
Prioritize proactive decisions 
Facilitate growth
Simplify product discovery
Don’t speculate
Improve precision
Get pervasive observability
Ensure timely action on what matters

For Business Users:

Efficient business growth is driven by regular and consistent iterative changes. Sit back and enjoy a comprehensive view of your business metrics and KPIs. Be aware of shifts in trends as they happen and make sustainable data-driven decisions. Use our predictive algorithms to clear bottlenecks as they occur for improved precision in business operations and customer engagement. OTBs simple UI and no jargon insights ensure you wait less for translations and results and act more.  

For Analysts:

Automate the mundane and refocus your talent to act on credible insights surfaced by our AI-powered digital intelligence platform. Keeping track of multiple metrics across numerous dimensions and multiple historic timeframes should not hold you back from surfacing on-time right insights that need action. Prioritized insights are pushed to you for action with autonomous detection and Hotspot™ detection. Collaborate with your team and the important stakeholders in a language they understand. No jargon. Only insights that matter. Every time.

Step into the future
No dashboard analyst  
Easy Integration 
No jargon  


For Ecommerce and D2C brands:
On point strategy. Maximize efficiency.

Leverage your investments to help you understand customer behavior or shifting trends in the market. Improve efficiency and make impactful business decisions that will help transform your business. Neutralize micro-trends before they become first and second order effects. Flawless customer experiences define the small steps to big impact. Improve your customers’ journey one step at a time. Strategic data-driven insights that help you stay profitable every time.

What OTB delivers

Visibility into trends and reliable sales forecasts
 Supply chain performance
Improved customer visibility and understanding   
Understanding and control of fluctuations in conversion 
Comprehensive fraud detection  

What OTB delivers

Clear and crisp insights that keep your campaigns on track. 
Campaign performance drivers at your fingertips.
Accelerated customer engagement across all channels.
Understand customer segments that drive growth.
Improved data-driven, cross-team collaboration

For Marketing teams:
Get rid of the ambiguity and create campaigns that convert

Drive efficient business growth with curated insights. Prioritized for action. Make data-driven decisions part of your everyday workflow. Identify bottlenecks and iron out wrinkles in your campaigns and outreach to improve your ROI. Drill down into the granular details or zoom out for the big picture. Make “war rooms” a thing of the past. Stay on course and get updated information without emergencies. Ensure alignment across teams with on-the-go coordination and collaboration.