Focus on growth.
Not the data driving it.

Autonomous insights that power efficient business growth

Regularly assessing data quality, carefully monitoring metric movements, and digging in to explain unexpected patterns is exhausting. 

We deliver insights to your team with a simple UI that draws attention to the right metrics. Our AI-driven autonomous insights platform connects to all your data and analyzes it to uncover underlying relationships and contextual correlations. Shifts or friction points that could derail your business are highlighted and delivered as data stories that address the last mile in closing your insights-to-action loop.

Act on clear, concise, and actionable insights delivered on your screen.

Obliterate blind spots.
Stay ahead of your competition.
Sharpen your focus on what matters most. 
Understand the root cause of shifts as they happen.
See what you need to, when you need to.

Pervasive observability.
At scale. 

Spot, understand and act in real-time on critical changes in metric movements with relevant insights on their root cause that could impact your business.

OTB Perceive looks through all your data as it arrives, and analyzes it, to give you near real-time deep and actionable insights with our Hotspot detection technology.

Enhanced event detection delivered as simple to understand data stories, OTB Perceive highlights the shifts and improves visibility on how your business is running.

See what is not obvious.
Deep dive, and act.  
Synthesized insights.
On the go.

Autonomous insights.
Prioritized for action.

Staying ahead of your competition requires advanced insights, alerting you to trends in your customer acquisition and growth and the underlying drivers so you can proactively take more informed decisions to grow your business.

OTB North Star recognizes and identifies context across your data, to deliver synthesized insights on the where, why and how of events. Deep-dive as required to better understand drifts and shifts, and steer your business in the right direction. Stay ahead of competition by tracking changing trends in segments that are driving growth and break into new markets.