Have a More Enjoyable Holiday Season In Your Family Room Versus the Operations War Room

We’ve been there in the war room, so we know what’s needed to act quickly and accurately. That is why we tailored our Perceive product to autonomously provide easy-to-understand insights that proactively inform your team of what is happening and what to do about problems, opportunities, and other important situations during the holiday surge more efficiently than has ever before been possible.

Get started fast, before Black Friday to be ready to assure business success for the holiday season

Ready-to-use analytics SaaS neither touches nor disrupts core systems and processes
Our Customer Success Team will Onboard Your Organization Quickly and Flawlessly
Data from Google Analytics and other structured website engagement and clickstream data is extensively analyzed
Continue benefiting from Perceive after the holidays by seamlessly extending your subscription


Know about problems and their causes
Know who is engaging and buying
Know what is being purchased
Know what promotions are working and how well
Know if business objectives are being met or exceeded
Know if everything is going as planned so you can confidently leave the war room to enjoy the holidays in your family room