Our Product:
Machine Intelligence for Your Peace of Mind

Automate detection and root cause analysis of metric movements.


Your Cost:
Time is of Essence

Know as soon as it is detectable. Increase analyst productivity by zooming into the problem areas.


Protect and Grow your Business
while Managing Costs

Reduce fire-drills, increase productivity as our customizable industry solutions do their job for you.

Take too long to find out why your business metrics are moving in the wrong direction?

To keep on top of KPIs.

To understand root causes when triaging issues

Too many signals for analysts & data scientists to manage and correlate.

Interpreting metrics over many dimensions and historical time frames is a challenge.

Identify anomalies as they happen. See it in action

Significant management and team bandwidth goes into fire drills

Analyst scope, context and business understanding impact analyst ability to interpret/explain

Multiple tools & data sources tell you different stories on what is happening

Typically dashboards independently don't inform the decisions that need to be taken

Answers to business questions and RCA elusive or take too long

Identify hotspots as they happen. Learn More

Infrastructure and plumbing is always a continuous challenge?

Keeping up with pace of change in product instrumentation

Analysts troubleshoot drops in metrics to realize it is tagging issue

Self Induced i.e.Issues introduced by Product Deployments, Tagging Issues, System Issues

Data quality - can issue identification be automated?

Smartly detect issues that matter. Learn More

How it Works


Introducing Out of the Blue™

Reduce Time to Identify & Diagnose

Our AI based technology helps you zoom into the Hotspots that matter


Organize, discover & contextualize your metrics


Automate slicing and dicing, package insights by using all factors in your data


Continuously evaluate as your data evolves

Augmented Analytics is the Future of Analytics

“By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques”

Having to manually find patterns in the data is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Augmented analytics helps find the needle faster by acting like a giant magnet hovering over the hay!

Use the power of machine intelligence to watch over your business