Know your customers to uplift sales and ensure exceptional experiences with your brand

Business and IT Operations

Minimize leakage, inefficiencies, and the time and effort it takes to resolve problems

Digital Marketing

Understand customer behavior, promotion effectiveness, and conversions at every funnel stage


Increase your timeliness, effectiveness, and impact without drudgery and frustration

Customers and Industries

Out of The Blue is like a business analyst genie, it pops up from time to time helping us make great decisions. Its insights helped us gain 18% market share at the expense of our closest competitors by giving us a detailed understanding customer behavior so we could quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and maximize the success of our customer acquisition campaigns.

Joy OtahbeeCMO, Fortune 500 Retailer

“By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.”

“Having to manually find patterns in the data is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Augmented analytics helps find the needle faster by acting like a giant magnet hovering over the hay!”

Accelerate Your Outcomes

Our analytics eliminate trying to piece together what is happening and what to do by viewing dashboards and reports. Say goodbye to analysis paralysis and partial visibility.

Take the best possible decisions and actions quickly and accurately

Achieve more desired outcomes more often using actionable insights

Increase Your Impact

Operations and marketing teams are empowered to make a positive business impact more often when assisted by our insights feed that automatically lets you know in straightforward language what is happening, why, and the best actions to take.

Know what to do in any situation to maximize customer satisfaction and business success

Know how metrics are trending and how to assure they’re trending in the right direction

Focus on What Matters Most

Focus on solving problems before they become a crisis. Quickly understand root causes to implement the best remedies. Identify new opportunities too. Yay!

Straightforward insights with context reduces alert noise and fatigue

Related insights are grouped to reduce clutter and make it easier to prioritize

Powerful Analytics Simplified
Get Started Fast, Easy to Use

Make your analytics project successful and cost-effective using our Analytics-as-a-Service. The cost is predictable and up to 10x lower than risky do-it-yourself projects. Our customer success team helps with onboarding then our platform begins automatically analyzing your data and providing insights.

Begin receiving insights quickly with minimal help from IT and other teams 

Insights are presented with straightforward language and visualizations

Realize more desired outcomes more often by receiving answers from Out of The Blue without having to ask questions or manually analyze your data. See for yourself.