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Customer Intelligence is Vital to Maximize Holiday Shopping Success

Ensure Planning and Preparation

Get continuous assistance to ensure that sales and performance for the holiday season exceed your organization’s goals so you don’t have to hope that customer satisfaction and meeting revenue goals go as planned. Using OTB Perceive – Holiday Edition you can now monitor and manage for success.

Monitoring activity to maximize customer experiences and spending is critical during the holiday shopping surge. During this period businesses earn as much as 35% of their annual revenue when hundreds of millions of people spend up to $750 million per hour when traffic and purchasing begin to surge on Black Friday.

Customer Intelligence

Other monitoring solutions give you an IT-centric perspective of your infrastructure and web applications, which is important. But they cannot tell you who is visiting your website, how often, what they are doing and purchasing, and whether sales promotions are effective. These are important metrics that you need to track and understand how and why they change over time, to truly understand customer experiences and purchases with attribution to promotions and incentives.

In other words, you need Customer Intelligence to add a business perspective to your IT-centric perspective to truly gain full visibility into what is happening with your customers and business. Having Customer Intelligence greatly helps to efficiently and effectively manage your business for maximum success, which you can only get from Out Of The Blue (OTB).

True Assistance from Autonomously
Generated Insights

We’ve been there in the war room, so we know what’s needed to act quickly and accurately. That is why we tailored our Perceive product to autonomously provide vital assistance for the holiday season. Its hallmark is easy-to-understand insights that proactively inform your team of what is happening and what to do about problems, opportunities, and other important situations. This process is much more efficient than having to hunt for problems, initiate an analysis project to determine the cause, then resolve them.

From a technology perspective, OTB provides Analytics (as a service). From a practical perspective, our Perceive – Holiday Edition assists you and your team to ensure that planning and preparation for the holiday season exceed your organization’s goals.

Keeping It Going

It is easy to continue using OTB Perceive after the holidays by extending your Holiday Edition subscription to a full annual subscription. All of your data, metrics, configuration settings, and the automated machine learning adaptation to your data will remain intact. Simple. Painless. Powerful. Only from Out Of The Blue.

Perceive – Holiday Edition Release Details

Release name:
OTB Perceive – Holiday Edition

Available now for all active customers and end-users.


Proof-of-concept (Perceive Standard Edition)

Demonstration (Perceive Standard Edition)

What’s New:

OTB Perceive – Holiday Edition is specifically packaged for digital marketing and IT personnel, and analysts who need to ensure exceptional eCommerce, Retail, and other direct-to-consumer online interactions. It provides KPI metrics that go beyond basic infrastructure monitoring to keep you informed of KPIs and their movement, including how much and why, such as in response to promotions and other intended stimuli that you cannot get any other way. You receive insights with details for top-line sales, average and gross order value (AOV, GOV), gross merchandise value (GMV), experiences (e.g., page load times), and interactions (browsing, searching, sharing, liking, reviewing, etc.).

Actions to Take:

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our business analytics experts or request a demo to get the full Out Of The Blue Holiday Assurance experience.

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