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New Features for Out Of The Blue™
Business Analytics as a Service

Hello and thanks for tuning into this month’s Out Of The Blue (OTB) release announcement. Read on to learn about the new features, functionality, and enhancements. Customers can get more details by logging into their portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

Release name: OTB October 2022 Release

Applicable Products and Availability Status: Perceive

Available now for all active customers and end-users.




What’s New:

This release includes two new features combined into a new deep insights view. The new features extend the value provided by our Insights Feed, simplifying how our customers realize the value of analytics without having to ask questions. This new view lets you see more insights and focus on specific problems and opportunities by being able to view multiple metrics at the same time, filter metrics, toggle the scale of the time horizon, and toggle the forecast information. The new visual correlation of different metrics lets our customers immediately understand how changes to metrics impact their business.

Increased Insight Details with Comparisons – The Insights view now includes a powerful visual analytics feature that lets you view, compare, and visually correlate different metrics at the same time. Metrics that spike outside of the statistical norm are also highlighted. The image below shows 2 metrics added to the view.

Insight Filtering – Insights can now be filtered to focus on specific information and get answers for specific situations. Filtering options include time period, pattern type, severity. The animated image below shows the filter options.

Actions to Take:

The Business Intelligence Feed will automatically present the new information, you only need to refresh your browser window or tab to begin seeing the new format and features.

Customers can log into the customer success portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

If you are not a customer yet and would like to learn more, then please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Business Analytics experts or request a demo to get the full Out Of The Blue experience.

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