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Many of our current and potential customers use Google Analytics to tag and measure website and app usage patterns. However, if you only use Google Analytics natively, you are still struggling to get timely quality autonomous insights about what is happening in your data. You have to create your own reports based on what matters to you and have an analyst monitor them.

Today we are happy to announce that we can perform data-in-place analytics on Google Analytics accounts that our customers have. This enables you to get autonomous insights about your metrics’ movements. We don’t ingest any personally identifiable information or raw data.

Feature Description:

With this feature in our toolkit, we can now do the following for our customers.

  1. Read only access to their data
  2. Ability to do Data In Place analytics where your data and PII stays safe
  3. Ability to use data behind standard reports using Google’s APIs
  4. Ability to define custom reports (queries) using Google’s APIs
  5. Defined cadence for one time and incremental data ingestion for the defined queries

Use Cases this Enables:

Using this capability, we now support the following use cases: 

  • Get metric observability for your Google Analytics metrics out of the box (with dimensional HotSpot analysis).
  • Monitor and analyze funnel and usage metrics such as visits, add to carts, conversions, bounce rate across all dimensions and historical timeframes
  • We generate and prioritize insights based on severity. Insights include spikes (up/down)  and trend changes along with corresponding root causes, generated from your metrics.
  • Get alerts delivered to your inbox or our feed 
  • Get alerted at an hourly, daily or lesser frequency about changes in your key metrics and their root causes as evident in the dimensions describing the metrics.

If you would like to get maximum value out of your tagging infrastructure investments in GA, reach out to us for how we can have you stay on top of your metrics, using autonomous monitoring from Out of the Blue. Our product provides you with a summary of what happened and why it happened, so that you can take the right corrective actions. 

Don’t use GA but use something else? 

Reach out to us for a list of all our other connectors (both existing and on the roadmap).

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