Single source of truth for all organizational KPIs and metrics.

Metrics you can trust. Make metrics the real language of data.

Build relationships

Create connections between data, metrics, definitions, domains, pipelines to get your organization aligned. Built on a knowledge graph, we bring in our semantic layer or map your existing semantic layer.

Catalog your metrics

Define and consolidate your metrics and leverage Metrics Hub as your single source of truth for organization metrics, with metrics definitions, lineage, business context and history

Democratize access to metrics and insights

Keep your business and data stakeholder teams upto date with metric insights and change history. Build organizational knowledge with MetricsHub, collaborate on metrics with stakeholders easily and get your stakeholders on the same page. Convert tribal knowledge to metric documentation and never lose historical context when an employee leaves.

Surface, collaborate and share data insights with business and data teams. Understand history and annotate directly on charts.

Integrate and Consume metrics with consistency

Easily share your metrics in downstream SaaS applications,
BI applications API’s or Slack so consumers have access to only 1 single source of truth.

Lifecycle management

Manage lifecycle and versioning of metrics with approval and ownership features, fostering a lifecycle management concept. Metric ownership fosters validity, freshness and guarantees data teams move in sync with the business.

Annotations and questions

We bridge the gap between those that hold context and tribal knowledge on data, to those who are seeking information.
We autonomously let our users tag patterns, insights, external and internal events and relationships to important events live on the metric page.
(Promo event on 10th Nov explains the spike)

Self Service analysis and charting

We enable lightweight self serve analytics from our MetricsHub. These simple cuts of data can get both business users and analysts far in their analysis and open up doors to more insights.

Metrics API 

We enable API to access metric definitions, grammar and lineage for easy 2-way syncs across the ecosystem

Identifying your metric movements and underlying
root causes doesn’t have to be hard.

Out Of The Blue helps data consumers identify, detect and fix issues as a they happen.

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