Unified Metric Hub
for Your Organization

Experience the power of a centralized hub that unifies all your organizational KPIs and metrics, creating a common language
for your data.

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Insights Made Simple, Data Made Consistent

Building Connections

Connect your data, metrics, definitions, domains, and pipelines to ensure organizational alignment. Whether you prefer our semantic layer or want to map your existing one, we’ve got you covered.

Catalog and Define
Your Metrics

Define and consolidate your metrics within Metrics Hub, making it your ultimate source of truth for all organizational metrics. With detailed metrics definitions, lineage, business context, and historical data, you can trust the insights you gain.

Democratize Metrics
and Insights

Keep all your business and data stakeholders in the loop with real-time metric insights and change history. MetricsHub empowers your organization to collaborate effortlessly, converting tribal knowledge into well-documented metrics, and preserving historical context even as your team evolves. 

Surface, collaborate, and share data insights with your business and data teams. Gain a deeper understanding of historical data and add annotations directly to charts.

Consistent Metric
Integration and Consumption

Share your metrics seamlessly with downstream SaaS applications, BI tools, APIs, or Slack. Ensure that everyone has access to one single, reliable source of truth.

Lifecycle management

Manage lifecycle and versioning of metrics with approval and ownership features, fostering a lifecycle management concept. Metric ownership fosters validity, freshness and guarantees data teams move in sync with the business.

Annotations and Context

Bridge the gap between those who have critical context and tribal knowledge about your data and those who seek information. Users can autonomously tag patterns, insights, external and internal events, and relationships to significant events on the metric page.

Self-Service Analytics
and Charting

Enable easy self-service analytics within MetricsHub. These simplified data cuts empower both business users and analysts, opening the door to new insights.

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