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New Features for Out Of The Blue™

Hello and thanks for tuning into this month’s Out Of The Blue (OTB) release announcement. Read on to learn about the new features, functionality, and enhancements. Customers can get more details by logging into their portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

Release: OTB May 2023 Release

Applicable Products and Availability Status: Perceive

Available now for all active customers and end-users.




Out Of The Blue™ releases a summary digest view of the feed, and other improvements

This release includes the following new features,
functionality, and benefits:

Personalized Email Alerting: – Last month we released a “Digest View” that summarizes the key insights for a selectable past time window for the business user. This month we added a feature to further optimize your experience that lets you choose which emails you receive based on what you’re interested in. You can set parameters like Pattern Type, Frequency, Severity, Lift Range, and more to make sure you only get the insights you care about.

Insight Severity Calculation Improvement:Our algorithm now considers the impact an insight has on your revenue and how long the issue has been affecting your business. This means we can prioritize insights that are causing a significant impact for a longer time period.

Intelligent Way To Group Insights Together:On our feed, we have been grouping insights that happened to impact related metrics at the same time. We are now considering the combination of the monetary impact of an insight, the tier of the metric, and the metric’s change percentage. This helps us highlight the most important metrics that need your attention, amongst all the metrics that moved together. 

Insight Presentation Improvements: Our drill-down charts have been optimized to provide you with a better user experience and make it easier to understand your data. Additionally, we’ve optimized our hotspots to ensure that the ’cause’ information is only displayed when it’s relevant to the insights, enabling you to gain a more accurate understanding of your data. These enhancements provide you with a more comprehensive view of your data, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the insights you’ve uncovered. 

Faster Data Onboarding: Our onboarding and data extraction process is now faster than ever before. You’ll be able to get started with OTB more quickly and easily.

Actions to Take:

The Business Intelligence Feed will automatically present the new information; you only need to refresh your browser window or tab to access the new features.

If you are not a customer and would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Business Analytics experts.

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