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What is it?

Today we are excited to announce that we are launching an early alpha version of our product – The Out of the Blue insights platform. To showcase our technology, we have created a COVID-19 email newsletter. Sign up here: The newsletter will keep you informed of changes in trend in US COVID-19 cases and deaths. This is not a daily or weekly newsletter, you will only receive an alert when there is news worth updating you about. On most days you will not receive an email. We hope that you find these emails helpful and that they keep you informed about the (currently positive) trajectory of the pandemic.

Covid-19 newsletter screenshot
Covid-19 newsletter hotspots

A snippet of the type of timely alerts and analysis you can expect to see in our newsletter.

So, how does it work?

Under the hood, we ingest publicly available CDC/NYT data and analyze it daily. Based on historic trends and other factors we build a high-fidelity forecast for future counts. When actual numbers deviate positively or negatively from our expected forecast, we trigger an alert indicating that something surprising is occuring. We carefully tune our models so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too many alerts and ignore the signal. 

Our analysis pipeline then automatically analyzes all possible available dimensions to identify the most likely root cause responsible for the deviation, further cutting through the noise. We then package all of this into concisely curated data stories that get pushed to you via email (or Slack), as soon as they get detected. 

How we can help you…

While in this newsletter we analyze COVID metrics like cases and deaths and subsequently identify hotspots in states and counties, our analysis engine is domain agnostic. It is equally well suited to monitoring transactions on Shopify and noticing revenue-generating hotspots in referral traffic from Instagram. Or it could be used to identify a drop in bookings on Kayak and spot a mix shift between business and leisure travellers.

If you think that this could be useful to your business, we would love for you to give our product a whirl. Sign up for the newsletter below and let us know what you think.

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