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New Features for Out Of The Blue™

Hello and thanks for tuning into this month’s Out Of The Blue (OTB) release announcement. Read on to learn about the new features, functionality, and enhancements. Customers can get more details by logging into their portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

Release: OTB June 2023 Release

Applicable Products and Availability Status: Perceive

Available now for all active customers and end-users.




Out Of The Blue™ releases a summary digest view of the feed, and other improvements

This release includes the following new features,
functionality, and benefits:

Digest Enhancements: – The Digest is your one-stop shop for prioritization of insights giving a bird’s eye view at your week, month and quarter in review. This month, we have brought in the North Star metric to dots across the insights.

Historical Analysis Improvements: – When our customers get started with us, we will now provide them with an analysis of their historical data in addition to the continuous monitoring capability. This analysis gives an idea of the nature we would generate for them before they get started. Although we specialize in real time detection, and that is much more granular than historical detection since real time has a higher frequency of analysis, in this month’s enhancement, the detection capability for historical data sets has been improved to increase fidelity.

Insight Detection Improvements:Sometimes when there are consecutive anomalies in a given time series, the forecast affected the recent anomalies. This month we have made improvements to the technique, so that it is more anomalies and helps the business user put new data points in the right perspective, rather than getting overly anomalies.

Actions to Take:

The Business Intelligence Feed will automatically present the new information; you only need to refresh your browser window or tab to access the new features.

If you are not a customer and would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Business Analytics experts.
A brief demonstration is all it takes to experience firsthand how Out Of The Blue’s Perceive automatically tells you about problems, opportunities, or that everything is OK.

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