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Release: OTB Perceive January 2023 Release

Our job is to help you do your job as efficiently as possible by providing actionable insights so you can understand what is happening with your business operations so you know when and why problems and opportunities arise and the actions to take. Diagnosing what is causing a problem and driving growth can be a laborious process, especially when multiple factors are involved.

This release provides automatically generated multi-dimensional analysis in the insights to convey individual and combined impact of different dimensions. For example, the insights will convey that a new version of the iOS app is not converting as well for new users who are interested in electronic products. This eliminates asking your analyst to do a combinatorially explosive number of queries to get the same insight, or risk the analyst missing it altogether.

Each hotspot presents information to focus your attention and help you quickly understand causal factors/dimensions. Visual ranking, percentage values, and color coding give context at-a-glance about the nature and extent of the contribution to help you quickly take comprehensive and prioritized actions.

Customers can get more details by logging into their portal to view the end-user documentation and release notes.

Another type of causation is events. Organizations typically plan events, such as IT system maintenance, releasing new features and functionality, extending sales promotions, etc. Typically these events are managed in different silos within organizations in source systems or Excel sheets. Ensuring that events achieve the intended outcome requires understanding metrics before, during, and after events.

OTB Perceive currently allows you to register the following types of events. Metrics are then correlated to the registered events so you can make adjustments if necessary to maximize the success of the events, or perhaps modify the objectives for similar future events. Release monitoring is typically initiated and managed by a combination of the development / IT departments, specific DevOps and/or analytics teams

  • Launch monitoring: For new experiences are launched on the digital properties typically initiated and managed by a combination of the development / IT departments, specific DevOps and/or analytics teams
  • Promotions monitoring, typically initiated and managed by the Marketing and/or Merchandising departments

Actions to Take:

The Business Intelligence Feed will automatically present the new information; you only need to refresh your browser window or tab to access the new features.

If you are not a customer and would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our Business Analytics experts.

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