Get setup and start metric monitoring in less than a day!

Step 1

Connect to your data
(using Data Cockpit)

Collect data from data sources to give you comprehensive metrics coverage of your metrics impacting your business. We use a connector library and a read-only account to connect to your data sources and enable Data in Place Analytics (health stats) on your KPIs/metric. We are a fully managed SaaS and support SSO (Okta, Google, etc.) as an authentication option.

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Step 2

Onboard your metrics
into our Metrics Hub

Select your data-source and table / query to start monitoring. We sample your data and generate recommended health tracking stats based on data profiling and semantic analysis. Repeat the flow on any source to be monitored. Add custom metrics using SQL, created derived metrics.

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Step 3

Let Autotune do its magic
on your metrics

Autotune will create a threshold and automatically adjust themselves which each run as they learn your data’s behavior. Override them with custom flat or seasonal thresholds at any time.

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Step 4

Go Live

Now you are live. Let Out Of The Blue do its magic by automatically piling incremental data and processing your data.

Step 5

Get alerts and
identify Hotspots

We eliminate false positives and generate actionable alerts driven by AI. Get alerts in your inbox, Slack, or other channels using web hooks. 

For each incident, we correlate patterns and identify all events and contributing factors. It allows you to zero in and uncover the root cause cutting down time to identification and resolution. Dive into potential incidents before they reach dashboards, machine learning models, or users.  Use the included charts to root-cause quickly, and watch your metrics return to normal once your resolution is in place.

Step 5

Provide Feedback.
Take Action &
Automate your Actions.

User feedback helps fine-tune what’s important for you!
Your feedback helps fine-tune your future results

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