Driving growth through data

At Out Of The Blue, our vision is to drive growth through data. The ability to make decisions based on logic is for business growth and to make these decisions businesses require timely, actionable, relevant, and dependable insights.

We aspire to disrupt how data is consumed in organizations and hope to influence decision-making by surfacing relevant data stories. Our automated insights look at our customers’ problems through their lens and provide clarity. Our precise data visualizations support the stories created by client data empowering them to make decisions that would help improve business health. 

Why We're Here

Our founder Gurudev Karanth’s passion for how data influences business growth and wanting to help data-driven professionals in eCommerce and D2C brands, the opportunity to leapfrog the grunt-work of tedious, repetitive, and incomplete data explorations to answer the fundamental “what” and “why” questions.

Our teams combined backgrounds in Product Management, Data Analytics, Engineering, and Data Sciences have equipped us with the required domain understanding & technical know-how to incorporate OTB into your business goals.

How We Do What We Do

We transform the way data is consumed in organizations by applying an AI-driven, outcome-focused approach. By monitoring your data at scale we identify material metric movements that help you take corrective actions in time. Our hotspot detection technology zooms into problem areas that need focus freeing up your analysts and enabling you to focus on running your business.

Meet the Team

Gurudev Karanth

CEO/Head of Product

Organic farming, cooking, electronic music, trekking and mixology are interests that Gurudev nurtures. A hands-on executive leader and innovator, he has set up three start-ups before Out of the Blue.

His experience includes building and operating high-performance teams and identifying ‘green-shoots’. With over 25 years of experience to back him up, Gurudev ensures that his teams have the freedom to express and this inspires them to perform. He has successfully designed and engineered stand-alone self-serve scalable products.

Gurudev has built large-scale optimised data systems for eCommerce and Fintech companies. He used his learnings to identify and build products using lean product principles. He is comfortable using open-source, containerised, cloud-enabled components and distributed computing tech to leverage technologies with CI paradigms to solve key business problems

A Computer Science graduate, Gurudev majored in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems. As a skilful communicator, he has participated in big data and digital transformation conferences. He is a multi-patent holder, a thought leader in retail, digital, marketing and IOT. He has been able to capitalise and deliver on data science technologies.

Jaidev Karanth

Head of Engineering

Jaidev marks off a workday with a chapter from his current book of choice or music. This could include any genre from ambient through electronica to psychedelic music. On days when time permits, he goes for a trek or hikes along a trail. Building scalable platforms on cloud and working on the security domain at Out of the Blue keeps him grounded. With over 20 years of experience, Jaidev’s focus centers around building scalable platforms and ensuring a constant and consistent approach to the mantra – Learn. Use. Measure. Repeat.

In his prior role, Jaidev led the technology team at Persistent Systems, focused on IBM & Red Hat. On Cloud implementations, he has built infrastructure clouds, migrated complex applications to run on cloud and developed cloud-native solutions.

Today, as Head of SaaS Platform, he is responsible for building and operating multi-tenant cloud platforms. Preparation is key, he insists, both on a trek and in building next-gen platforms. When the journey is more important than the destination, having the perfect team makes all the difference.

Ankit Agrawal

Head of Customer Success

Ankit has a passion for capturing moments that tell stories, often focusing on scenes untouched by human presence. Deeply committed to inclusivity, he channels his thoughts through the lens of accessibility and articulates his reflections on his blog.

With 9+ years of experience, Ankit engineers optimized and standardized data operations and analytics across diverse sectors. His journey encompasses Oil & Gas, Automotive, Healthcare, and Education. Ankit has singularly orchestrated hyper-accelerated data integrations and automated reporting for several complex business systems and ERPs.

His academic journey as a Chemical Engineer, fortified by a Master’s in Business Analytics, empowers him with a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen.

He has been an integral part of shaping the trajectory of Data and B2C SaaS products in his past engagements. Before finding his calling at Out of the Blue, he has lent his expertise to industry giants such as Vedanta Resources, Jaguar Land Rover, and others.

He is a firm believer that all paths hold treasures, and purposeful teams make them more plentiful.

Sunny Mehra

Head of Growth

Avantika Jadhav

Human Resources

Culture Creator.
Bathroom Singer.
Gin Explorer.

Utkarsh Patil

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Jack of All Trades.
Digital Sound Aficionado.
An Inquisitive Mind.

Suraj Gavhane

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Constant Learner.
Tennis Lover.
Cricket Enthusiast.

Aditi Rao

Graphic & UX Designer

Culinary Enthusiast.
Foosball Champ.

Amit Patil

Data Engineer

Celluloid Explorer.
Poetry Emissary.

Hemanth Jills

Data Engineer

Problem Solver.
Pipeline Master.
Cinema Enthusiast.

Shivani Bohare

Digital Marketing Manager

Book Nerd.
Proud Dog Mom.
Traveller & Story-teller.