Actionable alerts.
Adjusted automatically.

Out of the Blue automatically trains forecasting models for every KPI / metric. Get started with useful alerts without hand tuning them.

Forecast-based thresholds

Auto thresholds forecasts each metric configured in our Metrics Hub. Upper and lower alert thresholds are determined and updated based on the forecast, eliminating the need to adjust manually.

Faster setup

Monitor more of your metrics in less time
by automating your setup process.

Less hand tuning

Out of the Blue will alert you to sudden changes in your metrics. When changes persist it adapts to the new behavior without manual configuration updates or we will flag when metric distributions have drastic changes

More accurate

Learning thousands of metrics across your data ecosystem
to become more accurate over time than is possible with handwritten rules.


When your business changes and your data drifts, we detect these changes and adapt so that you continue to get the best quality results without missing a beat.


Get started today.