We’re Out

of the Blue

Dashboards are where data goes to die. If you’ve ever built a dashboard, you’ve visited its graveyard. Today’s business are generating data faster than ever and leaders want to leverage this data effectively. Unfortunately, the existing solution – more dashboards – isn’t going to cut it. They are checked occasionally, tell a stale static story, and come with no guarantees. 
The seasoned founding team at Out of the Blue has lived experiences working at companies like Google, eBay and Paypal and degrees from Stanford, Berkeley, and Booth. Backed by premier Silicon Valley VCs, we’re re-imagining how teams wield data to drive decisions. We want to automate away the boring parts of analytics and put the intelligence back into Business Intelligence.

The Future of Business Intelligence is here

Background and Mission

To reliably turn data into actionable insights we need more automation and embedded intelligence.

We enable this by deploying agents that actively monitor your data looking for changes in patterns, then look for the proverbial needle in the haystack to isolate the cause of that change. We package those results in easy to consume data stories, deliver them when they matter most, enable collaboration and keep record so that future incidents are caught, understood and addressed sooner.

By being timely, accurate and concise we help companies move fast and feel confident about their decisions.

We want to help create the intelligence once promised and never delivered in “Business Intelligence” software. In short, our mission is to help data-driven professionals leapfrog the grunt-work of tedious, repetitive, and incomplete data explorations to answer the fundamental “what” and “why” questions that animate organizations.

With Out of the Blue, we are simplifying how analytics is consumed. Innovate with us by joining an early stage AI-driven intelligence platform for business users.

The Team

Founded by seasoned executives, and backed by top-tier silicon valley investors and angels, this is a great opportunity to build from the ground up. We are looking for founding engineers to reimagine analytics.

Our founding team is exceptional with lived experiences in scaling data-driven high growth companies (Google, eBay, PayPal, Target, Yahoo, Groupon, etc.).

Gurudev Karanth


Gurudev Karanth is a 3x entrepreneur, hands-on executive leader and innovator with 25+ years of experience in realizing data-driven business value for large-scale data implementations. Most recently, Gurudev was responsible for Digital Data Sciences and Analytics at Target supporting the digital business teams with a mission to accelerate innovation using trustworthy analysis and experimentation and Enterprise Data Products including data collection, tracking, experimentation, targeting and Looker-like declarative data pipelines. Gurudev’s experience includes building and operating high performing teams, getting teams to leverage the value of data, and building large-scale optimized data systems for companies like eBay, PayPal, Target, Visage Mobile, SBC, 3 and Philip Morris. Gurudev is a multiple patent holder and has co-founded successful startups in the analytics, digital marketing and technology spaces, and holds a Computer Science Degree with majors in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems.

Shubhasheesh Anand

Head of Product

Shubhasheesh has over two decades of experience in innovation and building products for the world stage, starting with early years at Yahoo!, where he set up the India center and brought innovation to the display advertising business in the US (Smart Ads and delivery algorithms). Post Yahoo, he worked on predictive analytics B2B2C product that eventually landed at Google. He led search and location product areas at Groupon where he leveraged machine learning and experimentation to create business impact. He also built and sold analytics products to Verizon and PNC Bank for their conversion funnel optimization and autonomous analytics needs in an earlier role. Shubhasheesh holds a B.Tech in CSE from IIT-Delhi and MS from Stanford University. He is based out of the Bay Area.

Mohit Bhasin

Head of Data Science

Mohit is a product manager turned data scientist. He led product and retail analytics at Google and Nest where he managed analysts building best-in-class data products for executive reporting and a 200+ person data-hungry organization. Over his tenure he implemented ML algorithms to prevent churn, predict returns and fight fraud, presenting at conferences internally and externally. Burned by recurring fire drills and ad-hoc SQL queries he was inspired to “fix BI.” Prior to this Mohit was a product manager at Opower (acq. Oracle) and PLOS; he also taught math as a volunteer in prison. He holds a BS in Engineering from University of California, Berkeley and an MBA in Statistics and Econometrics from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

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